Below is the list of software demos accepted to ECCB 2006

Advanced Micro Devices
Eyal Seroussi. Large Scale Pedigree Haplotyper (LSPH)
David Horn, Edward Aronovich, and Assaf Gottlieb. Grid Computing for Bioinformatics
Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann. Text Mining as Web Services Provided from the EBI
Adi Stern, Adi Doron-Faigenboim, Eran Bacharach, and Tal Pupko. Selecton: A Web Server for the Detection of Site-Specific Positive Darwinian Selection and Purifying Selection
Steinar Thorvaldsen, Tor Flå, and Nils P. Willassen. DeltaProt: Molecular Comparison of Proteins based on Sequence Alignments
Elon Portugaly, Nathan Linial, and Michal Linial. EVEREST: A Collection of Evolutionary Conserved Protein Domains
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Ana Conesa and Stefan Goetz. Blast2GO v2
Ewan Hunter. Agilent CGH Analytics Solution for Comparative Genomic Hybridization Studies
Gergely Palla. CFinder: Locating Cliques and Overlapping Modules in Biological Networks
Olga Krebs. SABIO-RK (System for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways - Reaction Kinetics)
Roland Arnold, Thomas Rattei, Volker Stumpflen, and Hans-Werner Mewes. The SimpAT Package: Integrating SIMAP into its own Applications
Oliver Keller. COLOMBO/SIGI-HMM: Prediction of Genomic Islands in Procaryotic Genomes Using HMMs
Amir Karger. The Scriptome: Protocols for Manipulating Biological Data
Ewan Hunter. Agilent's "Gene Spring" Platform for Gene Expression Studies
Jan Baumbach, Sven Rahmann, and Andreas Tauch. CoryneRegNet: An Integrative Bioinformatics Platform for the Analysis of Transcription Factors and Regulatory Networks