Software Demo Submission Guidelines

Software demonstrations allow academic or commercial organizations to present software or hardware to the bioinformatics and computational biology community.

Software demo proposals should be submitted by Thursday, June 8th, 2006. Notification of acceptance will be sent by Thursday, June 22nd, 2006.

Academic software demos
Academic demos are for presenting tools that are freely available, without restrictions on use or access to the tools or underlying data, for academic and other non-profit users. Academic demos may be submitted by commercial organizations as long as the tool presented meets this criterion. Submitters may provide tools under a license, retain intellectual property rights to the tools, and charge licensing fees to for-profit users.

Presenters of accepted academic software demos must register for the conference by the early registration deadline of Monday, July 10th, 2006, in order for the demo to be scheduled.

Commercial software demos
Commercial software demos are for presenting tools that do not fit into the academic demo category. A one-hour demo costs $900 and a two-hour demo costs $1,600, as described under ECCB sponsorship packages. Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorships include software demonstration times.

Registering for a commercial software demo does not include conference registration, except as described in the sponsorship package brochure for Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors.

Submitting a software demo proposal
Proposals should be a maximum of two pages long and should include the following information:
-        Title of tool being demonstrated
-        Brief description of tool for inclusion in program book (50 word maximum)
-        Longer description of tool (optional, for consideration by review committee)
-        Information about submitter: Name, affiliation, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers (work, fax, and cell, if available, including country and city codes), URL of home page

Save proposals in Word (.doc) or Acrobat (.pdf) format. Name the file using the family name of the submitter (i.e., John Doe’s proposal should be in a file named doe.doc or doe.pdf). Send proposals to the Conference Secretariat,

General demo information
Software demos are scheduled in one-hour and two-hour slots. Academic demos are limited to one-hour slots. The final ten minutes of each slot are reserved for setting up the following demo, so presentations are limited to 50 minutes or one hour and 50 minutes. The conference organizers will schedule demos; major sponsors will be given precedence for commercial demo slots.

Within your time slot, you may demonstrate your tool as you desire. For example, you might combine a structured presentation with a live demo that is based on questions from the audience. You may also provide handouts for attendees.

Each software demo may be accompanied by a 50-word description that will be included in the program book. The description and the demonstration itself will be considered personal communications to conference attendees.

At the conference, please contact the on-site technical team at least 24 hours before your demo to ensure that everything is set up as needed. ECCB will provide a Windows-based computer, Internet access, an LCD projector, a screen, and a microphone. If you will use the computer provided by the conference, please bring a CD or disk-on-key (flash-based USB disk) with any files and software you need, or make them available for download via the Internet. If you need a different kind of computer or other equipment, please bring it with you or contact the Conference Secretariat to arrange to rent it (at cost).

Please direct any questions to the Conference Secretariat.