Call for Proposals: Workshops

The 5th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB ’06), which will take place September 10-13, 2006, will begin with a day of workshops and tutorials. Two full-day workshops and four half-day tutorials on a variety of topics in bioinformatics and computational biology will be held in parallel. Scientists are invited to submit proposals for sessions that they would like to organize. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Biomedicine, epidemiology, & agriculture

* Pathways, networks, and systems

* Computational genomics

* Proteomics

* Computer-aided drug design

* Sequence analysis

* Databases & database integration
* Simulation & system dynamics
* Evolution and phylogenetics
* Structural bioinformatics
* Metabolomics
* Text mining
* Ontologies
* Transcriptomics

Workshops present the cutting edge of research. Presentations generally cover the newest developments; participants generally include those working at the forefront of the field, as well as those who want to become active in the field. Organizer(s) of a workshop will be fully responsible for the workshop’s scientific content: they may invite speakers of their choice, invite submissions, or a combination.

Workshops are tentatively scheduled to be seven hours long, from 10:00—19:00, with two half-hour coffee breaks and a one-hour lunch break.

Organizers are expected to prepare a schedule of speakers and titles. They should also collect PowerPoint presentations and reference material in PDF format from speakers, for inclusion on a CD that will be given to each workshop participant. The conference will not distribute paper copies of these materials.

Each workshop will receive up to two free workshop registrations for organizers (i.e., workshop participation and lunch). The conference reserves the right to cancel a scheduled workshop if registration a month before the conference is not at least 15 participants.

The conference will provide a PC and LCD projector for each workshop and tutorial. Speakers may load files onto the PC using CDs or disks-on-key (USB flash memory disks); they may also hook up their own PCs or Macs to the projector.

Organizers will be responsible for ensuring that the material they submit for CDs and photocopying may be legally used, and that appropriate copyright permissions have been arranged.

Workshop / tutorial proposal submission deadline

20 March 2006

Notification of workshop / tutorial acceptance

15 May 2006

Draft version of handouts due

26 June 2006

Workshop / tutorial day

10 September 2006

Proposal content
Proposals should be a maximum of four pages long and should include the following information. Reviewers will consider a variety of factors in evaluating proposals, including: relevance to ECCB attendees, expertise and experience of the organizers / lecturers, effectiveness of the proposed organization, and clarity and quality of the proposal.

Information about organizers / lecturers:
-        Full name, including title
-        Affiliation
-        Postal and e-mail addresses
-        Telephone numbers (work, fax, and cell, if available, including country and city codes)
-        URL of home page
-        Experience organizing workshops

Workshop proposal:
-        Title (preferably something to pique one’s interest)
-        Short abstract (maximum of 100 words)
-        More extended workshop description
-        Tentative sessions / topics and possible speakers
-        How presentations will be selected (invitation, call for submissions, etc.)
-        Why this workshop is appropriate for ECCB attendees
-        Previous meetings of this workshop or similar workshops

Submitting proposals
Please save proposals in Word (.doc) or Acrobat (.pdf) format. Name the file using the family name of the first organizer (i.e., John Doe’s proposal should be in a file named doe.doc or doe.pdf). Send proposals to the conference secretariat,