General information
Swimming suit, hat, comfortable walking shoes, and modest attire for holy places are recommended for all tours.

Tours in and around Israel
Diesenhaus-Unitours will arrange a selection of pre- and post-conference tour packages for delegates and accompanying persons who want to visit religious sites and others of the many attractions around the country. Other touring options can also be arranged through your hotel.
Activities in the Eilat area
Water-related activities abound in Eilat, including diving in the Red Sea to see the coral reefs and the brightly-colored fish and other sea creatures. Non-divers can see the reefs by snorkeling or by traveling in glass-bottomed boats. By January, the extreme heat of summer will have passed, and those who don’t want to venture into, or onto, the water can relax on the beach and enjoy the good weather (average temperature 22°C / 72°F). Popular land-based activities include rappelling up the mountain cliffs, hiking in the desert, and bird-watching.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park - The number-one attraction in Eilat and your window to the Red Sea: a tour of the Underwater Observatory Marine Park takes you into the amazing underwater world.

Dolphin Reef - A unique open-sea facility on the shores of the Red Sea, where visitors can observe, swim, and dive with dolphins in the dolphins’ natural habitat.

Red Sea Sports Club - A resort spa that offers many activities, including scuba diving adventures and courses, numerous water sports, exciting land/desert sports, and desert tours in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

Archaeological sites - Some of the many nearby archaeological sites are described and pictured on this website.

Timna Park - The world most ancient copper mines, located north Eilat in the southern Arava  region. The park contains amazing natural phenomena.