Best Poster Awards

Three best poster awards consisting of an award statement and an iPod Touch have been given to the following posters:
  1. Different structures/same interaction partners: what can we learn from promiscuous protein-protein interactions? .Juliette Martin
  2. Using proteogenomics to validate and improve genome annotation. .Gary Saunders, Brosch M, Mudge JM, Frankish A, Collins MO, Yu L, Choudhary JS, Harrow J, Hubbard T
  3. Fitness differences as an explanation for difference between chronic myeloid leukemia therapies. .Tom Lenaerts, Castagnetti F, Traulsen A, Pacheco JM, Rosti G, Dingli D
Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to all poster authors for two lively poster sessions and to the poster award committee for the daunting task of poster selection.