Logistics and organization

  • Project and logistics coordination: Mimi Deprez
  • Catering: Ernesto Iacucci
  • Registration: Ida Tassens
  • Finances: Elsy Vermoesen, John Vos, Ilse Pardon
  • ECCB10 bid and planning: Sonia Leach
  • Web site and design: Alejandro Sifrim, Liesbeth Van Meerbeek
  • IT and audiovisual support: Leo Tranchevent, Joana Gonçalves, Daniela Nitsch
  • Poster team: Tunde Adefoye
  • Transportation: Raf Van De Plas, Nico Verbeeck
  • City walk: University of Gent VIB-PSB, Sofie Van Landegem, Thomas Abeel

Picture credits

  • Department of Plant Systems Biology, University of Ghent & Flemish Institute for Biotechnology, Belgium
  • International Conference Center (ICC) Ghent
  • Wikimedia illustrations from the Wikipedia entries on Ghent and Bruges under the relevant Creative Commons licenses

Content credits

  • Anna Tramontano, University of Rome, Chair ECCB08