Conference chairs

  • Marie-Dominique Devignes, Conference Chair, CNRS, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France
  • Yves Moreau, Proceedings Chair, University of Leuven, Belgium

Organizing Committee of ECCB'14

  • Mario Albrecht,¬†Graz University of Technology, Austria
  • Francisco Azuaje,¬†CRP-Sant√©, Luxembourg
  • Adrien Coulet, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France
  • Manuel Dauchez, University of Reims, France
  • Sophie Schbath, INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France
  • Thomas Lengauer,¬†Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbr√ľcken, Germany
  • Hans-Peter Lenhof,¬†Center for Bioinformatics,¬†Saarland University, Germany
  • Magali Michaut,¬†Netherlands Cancer Institute,¬†Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Emmanuelle Morin, INRA,¬†Nancy ‚Äď Champenoux, France
  • Luc Moulinier, CNRS, Strasbourg, France
  • Olivier Poch, CNRS, Strasbourg, France
  • Dave Ritchie, Inria Nancy-Grand Est, France
  • Marie-France Sagot, Inria¬†Grenoble Rh√īne-Alpes, Lyon, France¬†
  • Malika Sma√Įl-Tabbone, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France
  • Julie Thompson, CNRS, Strasbourg, France

Programme Committee - Area Chairs

         List of programme committee members

  1. Sequencing and sequence analysis for genomics
    • Cedric Notredame, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona,¬†Spain
    • Eric Rivals, Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics, Montpellier,¬†France
  2. Gene expression
    • Jaak Vilo, University of Tartu,¬†Estonia
    • Quaid Morris, University of Toronto, Canada
  3. Pathways and molecular networks 
    • Ralf Zimmer, Ludwig-Maximilians University¬†Munich,¬†Germany
    • Christian von Mering, University of Z√ľrich and SIB, Switzerland
  4. Computational systems biology
    • Thomas Sauter, University of Luxembourg,¬†Luxembourg
    • Oliver Kohlbacher, University of T√ľbingen,¬†Germany
  5. Structural bioinformatics
    • Anna Tramontano, Sapienza University of Roma,¬†Italy
    • Torsten Schwede, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and Biozentrum, University of Basel,¬†Switzerland
  6. Evolution and population genomics
    • Nicolas Galtier, CNRS, University Montpellier,¬†France
    • Toni Gabaldon, Centre for Genomic Regulation,¬†Barcelona,¬†Spain
  7. Bioinformatics of health and disease
    • Niko Beerenwinkel, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics¬†and ETH Z√ľrich, Basel,¬†Switzerland
    • Lodewyk Wessels, Netherlands Cancer Institute,¬†The Netherlands
  8. Biological knowledge discovery from data, texts and bio-images
    • Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, University of Z√ľrich, Switzerland
    • Michael Krauthammer, Yale University, USA

   J.  Methods and technologies for computational biology

    • Gert Vriend, Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics, Nijmeguen,¬†The Netherlands
    • Christophe Blanchet, CNRS-University Lyon,¬†France

Workshops and Tutorials Chair

  • Mario Albrecht, Graz University of Technology, Austria
  • Olivier Poch, CNRS, Strasbourg, France

Demo and Industrial Track

  • Dave Ritchie, Inria, Nancy, France
  • Emmanuelle Morin, INRA,¬†Nancy ‚Äď Champenoux, France

Poster Chairs

  • Francisco Azuaje,¬†CRP-Sant√©, Luxembourg
  • Malika Sma√Įl-Tabbone, LORIA-Universit√© de Lorraine, Nancy, France

List of poster reviewers

ECCB Steering Committee

  • Ron Appel, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
  • S√łren Brunak,¬†Technical University of Denmark and¬†University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jaap Heringa,¬†Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Oliver Kohlbacher, University of T√ľbingen, Germany
  • Michal Linial,¬†The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Rodrigo Lopez,¬†European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton,¬†United Kingdom
  • Yves Moreau, University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Marie-France Sagot,¬†Inria¬†Grenoble Rh√īne-Alpes, Lyon, France
  • Torsten Schwede,¬†SIB and Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Anna Tramontano¬†(chair),¬†University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
  • Alfonso Valencia, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas, Madrid, Spain
  • Jaak Vilo,¬†University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Martin Vingron, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany
  • Janet Thornton, European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, United Kingdom

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