Call for Highlight Papers


Highlight presentations were introduced at ISMB/ECCB 2007 in Vienna, and immediately became one of the most popular features of the conference. All papers published in peer-review journals (no book chapters) between 1 January 2013 and the submission deadline, 2 June 2014 are eligible to be presented as Highlight Talk. Papers in press are acceptable only if already available through the journal web site. Up to 2 papers can be submitted as one single PDF if the authors intend to present the results of multiple qualifying papers. A group of experts will select the papers to be presented at the meeting considering the impact of the work on the field, the likelihood that the work will make a good presentation, and the relevance to life science research in general. These "soft" criteria attempt to capture the underlying goal of the Highlights Track, namely the presentation of exciting and thought-provoking seminars that will both contribute to the success of the conference and to the impact the meeting has on advancing computational biology and bioinformatics.

Key dates :

Call for highlight papers open: April 27, 2014

Highlight paper submission deadline: June 2, 2014 23:59 UTC

Highlight paper acceptance notification: July 4, 2014  DELAYED ABOUT ONE WEEK

Early submission is strongly encouraged, there will be no extension of the deadline.


The selected Highlights will be presented within the regular program of ECCB 2014. Accepted presenters for a Highlight Talk are required to make the presentation themselves, and must register to attend the conference. All presentations will have to be completed within 20 minutes. While presenters will focus on the chosen paper(s), presentations of more recent results are strongly encouraged. In fact, closed stories that conclude with a particular publication not bearing follow up perspectives might not constitute the best Highlight presentations.

Selection criteria

Highlight Papers should report high-quality research results in any aspect of computational biology related to the following ECCB 2014 areas:

A:  Sequencing and sequence analysis for genomics

B:  Gene expression

C:  Pathways and molecular networks

D:  Computational systems biology

E:  Structural bioinformatics

F:  Evolution and population genomics

G:  Bioinformatics of health and disease

H:  Biological knowledge discovery from data, texts and bio-images

J:  Methods and technologies for computational biology


A description of each area is available at

All submissions will be evaluated by a group of reviewers, and judged according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance, interest, and value of the topic to conference attendees,
  • Impact of the paper(s) on biology/medicine,
  • "Presentability" of the work to a large, diverse audience,
  • Quality of oral presentations by the submitter (if known),
  • Submissions that permit the presentation of related interesting unpublished new results will be viewed favorably.

Guidelines for submission

PDF files containing the papers, and a scientific justification must be submitted latest by 2 June 2014. Submissions will be made to the online Highlights Papers Submission Site which will open on april 27, 2014.

Please note that this will be a different site from the ECCB 2014 paper submission system.

Submissions should include the following information:

  • Name/affiliation/email of submitter (assumed to be the presenter; note that the presenter cannot be changed because the identity and ability to present of that person will be an essential selection criterion).
  • Names/affiliations/email of ALL co-authors (note: each name appearing on the published paper has to be added here). Note that all co-authors have to agree with the submission of their work as a Highlight Paper at ECCB 2014. It is the responsibility of the submitter to guarantee that all co-author email addresses are correct (email notifications of the submission will be sent to all co-authors).
  • A support abstract with two sections:¬† a) 150¬† word description of the presentation for promotion on conference website, and b) short abstract-like argument that explains the impact and importance of this work.
  • PDF reprint(s) of the proposed paper(s) for review.

Note: ALL documents should be merged into one single PDF; all reviews will be based on the content of this PDF. It is the responsibility of the submitter to verify that the PDF is completely viewable/printable by all major operating systems. This PDF only serves for review of the submissions and will not be made available outside the program committee.





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