ECCB 2014 Call For Papers


Key Dates

  • Call for papers open: January 27, 2014
  • Paper submission deadline: March 28, 2014 EXTENDED TO APRIL 6, 2014 ; 11:59 pm UTC
  • Paper acceptance notification: May 23, 2014 DELAYED about one week.
  • Submission of final version of accepted papers deadline: June 9, 2014

Topics and scope

Original research papers are welcome on any aspect of computational biology and bioinformatics, including (but not limited to) the following topics.

A. Sequencing and sequence analysis for genomics

NGS and sequence analysis applied to genomics, including new genome projects, study of genome organization, genome annotation, and also pattern or gene recognition in newly sequenced genomes, comparative genomics and metagenomics.

B. Gene expression

Studying the regulation of gene expression through analysis and interpretation of transcription or transcriptomics data (micro-arrays, RNA-seq and ChIP data), miRNA, regulatory networks, chromatin structure, epigenetics data, in various situations including health and disease situations.

C: Pathways and molecular networks

Analysing and interpreting protein networks, interactomes, signalling cascades, biochemical pathways, drug-target networks, in various situations including health and disease situations.

D: Computational systems biology

Constructing and validating computational models of biological systems, methods for parameter search, model inference and discrimination, model validation, dynamic simulation and control of biological systems models, algorithms for proteomics and metabolomics, synthetic biology, including dedicated formats, standards, languages and frameworks.

E: Structural bioinformatics

Studying the 3D structures of proteins, DNA, RNA, and other biological molecules, either alone or in complex with other molecules (e.g. protein-RNA or -DNA, protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions, multi-protein assemblies), including protein domains and binding sites characterization, sequence- and structure-based classification of proteins, sequence- and structure-based function prediction.

F: Evolution and population genomics

Studying evolution of biomolecules, genomes or populations, phylogenetics, genetic epidemiology and population genomics.

G: Bioinformatics of health and disease

Improving the understanding, diagnosis and therapy of diseases (including infectious diseases), including genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and polymorphism-based approaches in clinical genomics, genomic medicine, pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine.

H: Biological knowledge discovery from data, texts and bio-images

Biological data integration and curation, data visualisation, text mining, bio-image analysis, construction and use of biological ontologies, as well as machine learning methods for classification or prediction purposes.

J: Methods and technologies for computational biology

Technological advances in computational biology and associated software including shared or on-line applications are welcome. These papers will be evaluated as regular communications. Warning !! Commercial presentation of corporate software does not fit to this area topic but should rather be proposed at the Industrial and Demo track (check sponsoring offers on the ECCB'14 web site).

Submission Guidelines

Papers submitted for review should represent original, previously unpublished work. At the time the paper is submitted to ECCB'14, and for the entire review period, the paper should not be under review by any other conference or scientific journal. Submissions will be generally reviewed by three members of the Program Committee.

Accepted original papers will be published as conference proceedings in a special on-line open-access issue of Bioinformatics (Oxford University Press). They will be citable as regular articles and indexed in Medline and ISI.

Presenters of accepted papers will be given a time slot in the conference schedule to present a summary and update of their work (at least one author for each selected paper should register for the conference).

Paper submission deadline is March 28, 2014.

Instructions for the authors

Manuscripts (up to 7 pages) should be prepared according to the Oxford University Press Bioinformatics guidelines for original research papers. Word and LaTex templates can be downloaded from:

On-line submission (PDF format) must be done through the conference EasyChair submission system.

Supplementary material can be submitted exclusively in pdf format in the "Attachment" field just below the "Paper" field in the EasyChair submission system.

Any questions about the call for papers should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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