Social Events

Sept. 7th: Welcome Cocktail

19:30-21:00 at the PMC, a cocktail will be offered with a participation of the City of Strasbourg.

Sept. 8th: Ice-breaking Event

20:30-22:30. Interested people are invited to meet at the information desk in the Main Hall.

Sept. 9th: Gala Evening

NEW: Because of the high number of participants, the gala evening will be held in two different places.

People distribution between the two events will be determined in advance because the Council of Europe requires an exact list of participants’ names for security reasons. Sorry for this constraint. If any, exchange modalities will be announced at the conference.

The first (and initial) proposition takes place at the Council of Europe, in a smart historical ambience, preceded by a guided river boat tour (about 50 min). Capacity: 800 persons. The second proposition takes place at the Ancienne Douane, a famous typical Alsacian restaurant, and is preceded by a guided mini-train tour of Strasbourg (about 1 hour). Capacity is about 250 persons.

Proposition 1. A river boat trip followed by a dinatory cocktail at the Council of Europe

River Boat: Departures of river boats will be at ‚ÄėPalais Rohan‚Äô Batorama pier, close to the Cathedral (see below for a map)¬†by groups of about 130 persons at following embarking times:

 18:00 ; 18:15 ; 18:45 ; 19:00 ; 19:15 ; 19:30 ; 19:45

Boats will drop participants at a pier near the Council of Europe.

Landing pier of Batorama (more info at

How to go to the landing pier from ECCB'14.

Dinary cocktail: The Council of Europe, Avenue de l'Europe, Strasbourg (see Transport Map online or p.5 of the programme booklet).

 Standing buffet will begin around 21:00. Drinks and music will be proposed before.

 Return to the hotels will be with public bus or tram (public transportations run until 0:30).


Proposition 2. A mini-train round trip followed by a standing buffet at the Ancienne Douane 

Mini Train: Departures of mini-train will be Place Gutenberg, close to the Cathedral (see below for a map) by groups of about 50 persons at following times:

18:00 ; 19:00 ; 20:00

Standing buffet: The Ancienne Douane is located 6 Rue de la Douane in Strasbourg center.

Standing buffet will begin around 21:00. Drinks and music will be proposed before.

Return to the hotels will be with the bus or tram (until 0:30) or by foot (no time limit!).

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