W04 - Workshop on Computational and Systems Biology for Disease Comorbidities

Disease comorbidity ‚Äď or multimorbidity ‚Äď exists if 2 or more disorders affect the same individuals more often than expected by chance. Such co-occurrence of diseases are the rule rather than the exception, in particular in ageing populations. Disease comorbidities hence represent a major burden in public health, and greatly affect disease costs and outcomes. But the recent expansion of large-scale biomedical databases and post-genomics disease-related datasets are now offering an unprecedented avenue for the investigations on comorbidities between human disorders. And Computational and Systems Biology are undeniable actors of such investigations.


8h-9h Welcome 

Session 1 ‚Äď Discovering Disease Comorbidities

9h-9h45 Keynote¬†S√łren Brunak (CBS, Copenhague, Denmark)¬†Extracting fine-grained phenotypes and disease trajectories by data mining of electronic patient records

9h45-10h15 Laura I Furlong (IMIM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) PsyGeNET: a curated resource on associations between genes and psychiatric disorders. Application to the study of the comorbidities between alcohol and cocaine dependencesand depression


10h15- 10h45h Coffee break


Session 2 ‚Äď Interpreting Disease Comorbidities

10h45- 11h30 Keynote Ioannis Xenarios (SIB, Lausanne, Switzerland) Evidence and Inference - how expert curation helps shape the knowledge representation and how can be used for co-morbidities studies


 11h30-12h Jane A Driver (Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA) Cellular Teleology and the Inverse Association between Cancer and Alzheimer's disease


12h-13h30 Lunch


13h30-14h15 Keynote Alfonso Valencia (CNIO, Madrid, Spain) Molecular Evidence for the Inverse Comorbidities between CNS and Cancer detected by transcriptomic meta-analyses

14h15- 14h45 Paulina Gomez (CNIO, Madrid, Spain) Comorbidities and omics data integration towards a pancreas cancer risk prediction model


Session 3 ‚Äď Using Disease Comorbidities

14h45-15h30 Keynote Patrick Aloy (IRB, Barcelona, Spain) Blending chemistry and biology to understand human health and disease


15h30-16h Ana√Įs Baudot (CNRS, Marseille, France)¬†Functional Module approach for the study of Prostate Cancer and Disease Comorbidities


16h-16h20 Coffee break


16h20- 17h Round table

17h End of the conference, departure to the ECCB opening lecture.



Ana√Įs Baudot, CNRS, Marseille, France. Contact: anais.baudot [at] univ-amu.fr

Alfonso Valencia, CNIO, Madrid, Spain


Key dates

Workshop: September, 7, 2014

Abstract submission open: April, 9, 2014

Abstract submission for selected talks: Ended

Late abstract submission (for posters only): Ended

Abstract submission

Closed 2-pages abstract (PDF) can be submitted here


Forum building of the Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg

Faculté de Médecine
Forum (Building)
4, rue Kirschleger
67085 Strasbourg



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