W07 - Workshop on: Integrative Dynamic Analyses of Large Biomedical Network Data

Confirmed speakers:
Igor Jurisica, University of Toronto (keynote)

Roded Sharan, Tel Aviv University (keynote)
Alfonso Valencia, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (keynote)
Jan Baumbach, University of Southern Denmark (invited)
Michael Kramer (Trey Ideker's lab), University of California San Diego (invited)
Teresa Przytycka, US National Institutes of Health (invited)
Ben Raphael, Brown University (invited)

Final schedule and the book of abstracts are now available.

Description: Networks are used to model many real-world phenomena. In the biological and medical domains, networks can model: physical or functional interactions between genes, proteins, metabolites, or other biomolecules; disease-gene or drug-target associations; relationships between diseases, between drugs, or between patients based on electronic healthcare record data; and so on. Analogous to revolutionary influence that genetic sequence research has had, research of biological network data is expected to transform our understanding of biological function, disease, therapeutics, and lead to personalized medicine. Significant efforts have already been made to extract novel biological and medical knowledge from network topology. Initially, the efforts have mostly focused on analyzing homogeneous and static network data. However, with an increasing availability of large amounts of high-throughput network data of many different types and of dynamic nature, the network research community has recognized the need for efficient network-based methods for fusing different data types into an integrated heterogeneous framework and for studying the dynamic properties of complex systems in biomedicine. These advances are needed to deepen biological understanding and improve healthcare. For these reasons, this workshop aims to bring together scientists at all stages of their career with interests in (but not limited to) large-scale analyses of dynamic and heterogeneous biological network data or related practical biomedical applications, such as understanding disease, drug-repositioning, pharmacogenomics, aging, and personalized medicine, or healthcare. The ECCB 2014 workshop will cover the state-of-the-art research on these topics through a series of keynote, invited and contributed talks.

Organizing committee:
Natasa Przulj, Imperial College London. Contact: n.przulj [at] imperial [dot] ac [dot] uk
Tijana Milenkovic, University of Notre Dame. Contact: tmilenko [at] nd [dot] edu

Date: September 6, 2014
Time: 9am-6pm (with registration during 8am-9am)
Location: Faculté de Médecine, Forum (Building), 4 Rue Kirschleger, 67085 Strasbourg

Key dates:
Abstract submission for contributed talks opens: April 10, 2014
Abstract submission for contributed talks closes: May 23, 2014
Abstract acceptance notification: May 30, 2014

Abstract submission procedure: Submission is now closed.


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