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The following workshops will be held in conjunction with ECCB'14, Sept. 6-7 2014, either at the PMC (Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg Convention Centre) or at the FORUM (Forum of the Medecine Campus, Strasbourg).

More info on each workshop is available by clicking on the workshop name. If you wish to attend more than one workshop or tutorial or satellite meeting, please refer to the summary table for days and places before registering.

- W01 - Analysis of Differential Isoform Usage by RNA-seq: Statistical Methodologies and Open Software  => 1 day, Sept 7th, PMC

- W02 - BioNetVisA Workshop: from Biological Network Reconstruction to Data Visualization and Analysis in Molecular Biology and Medicine  => 1 day, Sept 7th, FORUM

- W03 - Computational Methods for Structural RNAs  => 1 day, Sept 7th, PMC

- W04 - Computational and Systems Biology for Disease Comorbidities   => 1 day, Sept 7th, FORUM

- W05 - Drug Development Workshop  => 1 day, Sept 7th, PMC

- W06 - Informatics Based Approaches for Circular Dichroism Data  => 1 day, Sept 6th, PMC

- W07 - Integrative Dynamics Analyses of Large Biomedical Network Data  => 1 day, Sept 6th, FORUM

- W08 - Logical Modelling and Analysis of Cellular Networks  => 1 1/2day, Sept 6th and 7th (morning), PMC

- W09 - Machine Learning for Systems Biology   => 2 days, Sept 6th and 7th, FORUM

- CANCELLED - W10 - Next Generation Computational Biology for Food Security

- W11 - Proteome and Metabolome Informatics   => 1 day, Sept 6th, FORUM

- W12 - Recent Computational Advances in Metagenomics  => 1 day, Sept 7th, PMC

- W13 - sbv Improver Workshop   => 1 day, Sept 7th, PMC

- CANCELLED - W14 - Sharing Data, Tools and Models for Workflows in Biomedical Research

- CANCELLED -W15 - The Dual Benefit of Bioinformatics Training- Empowering Life Scientists and Freeing More Time for your Research

- W16 - Tools and Techniques for Analysis and Design of Macromolecular Structures   => 1 day, Sept 6th, PMC

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